Thursday, 3 January 2008

Aftermath of Soi Lek's resignation

Some interesting quotations from Chua Soi Lek's press conference yesterday to announce his immediate resignation from all government and political posts. Let it strike a chord in the hearts and minds of selfish, corrupt politicians who hide behind political privilege and engage the denial gear to protect themselves and their political careers:

"Healthy political culture embraces no corruption, no moral lapses of judgement. A healthy political culture should not just be confined to just term of office. That is easy. Anyone can fulfil it. The terms of office are the easiest to fulfil. Three terms, two terms. Healthy political culture should be all embracing and not just term of office. What is more important and what is hoped for and demanded by Malaysians is to be clean from the aspect of no corruption and also in the question of no moral and ethical weaknesses. To me, this is more important and more difficult to achieve."

"Some Malaysians can be said to be “holier than thou”. This means they are all ulama (religious teachers). A lot of people think I am a baggage to carry because they behave "holier than thou". Maybe the support (for Barisan) will increase because then they think all they have in the Government are all very clean."

"I feel proud at least that I dared to admit, that I never said that it was not me (in the DVD). I never said that they must prove that it was me. And I never even said that it was doctored."

"National leaders in a democratic country are elected by the rakyat so they have also to listen to the rakyat."

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