Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Goodbye, 2007

What can I say about the New Year except that I missed all the fun at the Autocity in Juru, Province Wellesley. Originally, I wasn't meant to go there but my son wanted to meet his friends there. So I thought to myself, maybe it'll be fun for the whole family to go there ourselves for dinner.

We set off for Autocity from Bukit Mertajam but by the time we had arrived at the Jalan Kebun Nenas junction, I knew that it would be terrible to find a parking space. We entered the Autocity and went round and round the place and finally had to turn out to park by the roadside. By which time, my aunt was feeling slightly nauseas from the ride.

Nevertheless she recovered and we went to this place, Golden Triangle Restaurant, for Indochinese food. The set dinner was expensive. For three persons, the tab would come up to RM168++ whereas ordering the above dishes ala carte, it cost me only RM62 after tax. BTW, they were delicious, although the tom yam soup and the eggplant dish were too spicy for my wife's liking.

Jeremy by this time had left his friends to join us. We finished eating at 10.30pm. We saw people now making their way into Autocity on foot. Cars were already prohibited from turning into the grounds. A concert was in progress but they were all the Ah Kua type of music.

Feeling bored, we left the place and went home, not wishing to waste another one and a half hours till the countdown. When we drove off, there were still cars trying to make their way to the Autocity. The roads were jammed. Drivers were trying to cut into one another's queue. Where were they going to park? I didn't care to find out.

In the peace and quiet of my own home, I sank into bed and went to sleep. Oblivious that the countdown had begun and in the very far distance, ships were blowing their horns to greet in the new year.

Happy New Year!

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TZ said...

Talk about traffic... no other place in Malaysia worst than Kuala Lumpur. I caught in traffic before @ the curve on the year 2006. :->

So last nite, I was sitting @ my condo's balcony watching the fireworks from 8 different location @ KL.