Tuesday, 8 January 2008

A limerick for Jeffrey

I was bowled over by surprise this morning when my amateurish attempt at poetry was uncovered by RedFM and read by Shazmin over the national airwaves. It wasn't exactly five-star or three-star, just budget-class poetry. I was only trying to adapt the Old Mother Hubbard nursery rhyme as a short, light-hearted blog item about the cooking oil shortage.

But you'd never know what that could lead to. In fact, ever since this morning, I've been cajoled by a friend to write a short poem for him. I'm not going to use a nursery rhyme again but I'll use a safer, limerick format this time. Here goes:
There's this chap I know named Jeffrey
Talks a lot and can be full of blarney
But he has an ambitious dream
Which I hold in high esteem
So let's not judge him too harshly

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