Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Nature's therapy

Our careers and lifestyles are so hectic that we tend to take many things for granted. Too many things. Once in a while, it is good to take a short break in your daily routine to recharge yourself. I'm not talking about a three-day holiday break. Not that. You'd tend to come back to the daily grind more exhausted than ever.

No, all you ever need is perhaps five minutes of your time every day. Just five minutes to rejuvenate yourself. You can try either these techniques that I've found quite helpful:

Appreciate the quiet around you. In the still of the night, with all your lights out, just listen to the emptiness out there. Perhaps you can pick up the sound of some nocturnal insects chirping. Or perhaps there's no sound at all. Just enjoy the silence...

Alternatively, if you are living or working amidst greenery, look at the trees from afar. The bigger the trees, the better the effect. What do you see? Just trees? Slow down and look carefully. Can you see the tree boughs as they sway gently in the wind? And listen to the gentle sigh of the leaves rustling in the wind. It's natural poetry out there, I tell you.

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xmocha said...

thanks SS for this, I like the phrase "natural poetry" very much. Kudos!