Monday, 14 January 2008

Royal Commission: their work starts today

The Royal Commission set up to investigate into the VK Lingam conversation kicks off today with the calling of witnesses.

From newspaper reports, one of the key persons involved in this controversy doesn't seem to be on the 16-person witness list although Royal Commission chairman, former chief judge of Malaya Haidar Mohamed Noor, had said that more witnesses may be subpoenaed.

I was reading Screenshots today and Jeff Ooi was relating at length how the originator of the video recording had been harassed by the Anti-Corruption Agency and how he feared for his life. There was this quote from Malaysiakini:
According to Loh, he did not know how the ACA knew that he was involved in the matter. “Maybe Lingam had told them that I and my son were at his house on that day,” he speculated.

If I may say so myself, isn't this what I had suspected all along, that:
  • The main actor himself would suspect who that recorder was;
  • After all, it was in his house;
  • Surely, he would know who were there on that night; and
  • Even if it was a group of people, he's not so stupid not to have narrowed down his suspicions and identified a few fellows."
Nothing illogical about this line of thought, Even a six-year-old kid can think of them, surely the authorities can do better.

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