Saturday, 12 January 2008

Shusi banana leaf restaurant

Here's a quick post. The Shusi banana leaf restaurant along Penang Street in Penang. Not Penang Road BUT Penang Street in the Little India district of George Town, in case you're confused.

I've known Jeya, the boss of this restaurant, for ... how long? At least 25 years. He and his wife cook one of the bestest (yah, I know there's no such word but I need a superlative of a superlative) banana leaf curries in the state.

When I wrote my original Penang Food Guide on the Internet way back in 1994 or 1995 (or it could even be earlier), the Shusi restaurant was one of the restaurants I had highlighted. Back then, while Internet connectivity was still in its relative infancy in Malaysia, the rest of the world was already rather well connected. Jeya used to tell me that he received quite a number of foreign visitors to his restaurant during those years. Word had gotten round and most probably, I had played a small part in making his restaurant so well known among world-wide travellers and backpackers.

Here's what I had on one of my recent trips: rice with curry fish and fried fish. Three choices of vegetables, an unending supply of papadom for me. That comes from knowing the boss well enough. We used to exchanged small talk about his son going through college. Well, he finished his Master program and Jeya is now even a proud grandfather!

PS. Follow this link to find an update of my original Penang Food Guide on the Internet.

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Jeffrey Chew said...

Mr Quah..tsk tsk tsk. How can you go without me my dear friend? How can? Anyway, I miss having lunch with you here. Hope to catch up one day with you.