Monday, 21 January 2008

Tennis: Federer, who? Ferrer, who? Ferrero, who?

In case you are not a die-hard tennis fan - I'm not - it's easy to get confused. Firstly, the scoring system. I really can't understand why a player must score 15 points, followed by 30 points, then 40 points before the set is considered over.

Secondly, the players. Some names are so similar that you can easily mistaken one for another. Here's what I mean:

On the left is Roger FEDERER. Okay, the Fed is the world's Numero Uno player from Switzerland and if you cannot recognise him, shame on you. In the centre is David FERRER while on the right is Juan Carlos FERRERO. It's no shame if you don't know who these two other fellas are, but they are both from Spain. Federer, Ferrer, Ferrero ... that's who they are!

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