Monday, 7 January 2008

Yes, a Perodua Kenari can do less than 10mph

Here's a news item spotted on the Internet:

LONDON, 4 Jan 2008: A woman was banned from driving for seven days after travelling at speeds of less than 10mph on the highway.

Stephanie Cole, 58, of Fishponds, Bristol, straddled the hard shoulder and inside lane as she dawdled along a stretch of the M32 near her home last August. In the back window of the car was a sign which said: "I don't do fast, please overtake."

Cole admitted driving without reasonable consideration at North Avon Magistrates' Court and was told she would have to take another test at the end of the ban. "I didn't intend getting onto the highway, but all of a sudden I found myself on it and I could not get off. I just panicked. I hate that particular stretch of road and I avoid it normally. It is my nemesis."

Cole had been travelling from her home to a stationer's when she was arrested in her Perodua Kenari mini people-carrier.

She was relieved when the police stopped her for crawling along. "I thought "thank God" when I saw the blue flashing lights. I thought they could help and I asked them if they could drive me home." Instead, they charged her for going too slow. Cole, who has multiple sclerosis, said she depends on her car for getting around. "I will try and retake the test. I will have to do my best when driving, and hope it is better than it was."

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