Wednesday, 13 February 2008

ACA = Anti-corruption agency

What does the ACA stand for? Anti-Corruption Agency. It's the agency that goes after people who tries to makan suap (*).

And yet, here is a disclosure by a witness in the Royal Commission of Inquiry investigating the infamous VK Lingam video tape that says that the ACA had given her RM3,000 so that they could close a case involving some high-ranking government officials. Gosh! Is it normal for the ACA to do that? Here are the three reports extracted from the English language newspapers in the country:

(*) Makan suap - defined by Wedster's Online Dictionary to mean "accept bribes, corrupt, take graft."

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Jeffrey Chew said...

I love Star's headline - Amazing Tales" What are they insinuating? Are they saying that whatever non-Lingam witnesses are absolute LIARS????????