Saturday, 2 February 2008

Disoriented laptop display

I got an almost frantic call from my daughter in Kuala Lumpur tonight. She called the house phone because I wasn't anywhere near my mobile. It seemed that she was trying to clean her notebook and must've pressed some keys in error. As a result, her display became disoriented. Everything on the screen had been tilted 90 degrees. What to do when this happens and she cannot undo what she had done? Why, call the father, lah! That's me, having to come to her rescue.

Yeah, as if I've got all the answers at my fingertips. But that's what fathers are for, right? I tried to search for a solution from various Google searches and at long last from perseverance and patience, came across the solution. By a peculiar coincidence, someone using the handle ssquared had the same problem last 30 Dec.

I read this message and could almost feel the desperation in its tone, just like how my daughter sounded:
My display (screen) is oriented such that the head of the page appears at the right side of the screen with the bottom of the page at the left side of the screen. How do I reset the display (screen) so the top of the page is at the top of the screen (normal position) and the bottom of the page is at the laptop keyboard? in other words, how do I rotate the screen 90 degrees?

And there was a ready answer from a chap named Kevin who had signed off as kkaiser1:
Right click on your desktop, do you have a rotate option listed there? Or a display option? If you do, click it and you should be able to rotate the display back.

So, people, now you know what to do when your notebook display gets all awry.

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