Friday, 29 February 2008

Harry's in Afghanistan

I've just read from the web that Prince Harry is in Afghanistan, serving with the British armed forces. He's been there for the past 10 weeks. While his deployment there had been subjected to a blackout by the news agencies, it was leaked out to the foreign media by a magazine from Australia. So now, it's public knowledge. Quite daring for someone who is third in line to the British throne to be in the front line but this was what he had wanted to do all the while.

"Finally get the chance to actually do the soldiering I wanted to do from ever since I joined. [The Queen] told me I'm off to Afghanistan. You've got one job that you go out there for but when you actually get out there you are being pulled left right and centre helping out people. This is what it is all about, being here with the guys rather than being in a room with a bunch of officers. I'm in here with all the guys."

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