Saturday, 23 February 2008

A question of trust

Parents! I know it may be a hard decision to make but faced with a theoretical lose-lose position, would you prefer to trust your dear, beloved family member with:

Both were cads but there, the similarity ends. While one is still being feted for his conquest in Malaysia, the other is being vilified by society in Hongkong.

I'll tell you my opinion.

I feel it is wrong for Chua Soi Lek to be treated like a hero. I also feel it is wrong for Edison Chen to be treated like a villian. Both have done wrong and both have confessed. One had his political career terminated. The other had decided to leave the industry he's in. What they did were private but unfortunately, they were found out and then subjected to public scrutiny. The public loves scandals but, in all the excitement, people forget that we are all humans. And humans have their trait of failing at the best of times. Who are we to judge them for their actions? Have we all never had some indiscretions of any type in our lives? So let us not judge them too harshly for their scandals. They have had their episodes of shame. Just leave them alone. Don't hero-worship them; don't condemn them. Leave them alone. Life moves on. And on. And on...

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