Wednesday, 27 February 2008

What are the size of your nuts?

I feel cheated. I feel outraged. Please remind me not to buy any more of these brand of groundnuts:

Maybe I'm just being greedy but just look at the size of this nut (measured in millimetres). It's already one of the bigger ones. You can now imagine how tiny the smaller ones are. I haven't come across such miserable-looking groundnuts for a very long time. It's so unscrupulous and disgraceful that the companies are trying to pass off these sub-standard groundnuts as quality ones. And the problem is, you really can't tell from the package. So let the buyer beware! Supernut? Indeed!

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Jeffrey Chew said...

Hahhahaha....i think you have gone nuts like many others becos of the elections? Btw, read more about this crazy man on I saw him at a ceramah last nite. He was great