Monday, 25 February 2008

Will you vote for him?

This chappie in the formal wear and the wide grin is Lau Chiek Tuan. He's the incumbent state assemblyman from the Barisan Nasional (BN) for Berapit, in the parliamentary constituency of Bukit Mertajam where I stay. He's standing again this general elections. He was also a state executive councillor. That's why you see him as the main poster boy, overshadowing the other chappie who's running an uphill campaign for the parliamentary seat against the incumbent Chong Eng from the Democratic Action Party (DAP). Poor guy, all faded into the background. His grin reminds me of the Cheshire Cat This poster came up at the junction of Cangkat Damai and Jalan Damai yesterday immediately after nomination. That's how fast the BN machinery worked! Other similar posters were unveiled at the same time.

You really know the elections are around the corner when you see workers starting to resurface the roads such as this one that connects Jalan Sepakat to the Kampung Baru market. This could be a private road and it had been uneven for the past months. Nothing had been done until today (25 Feb 2008). Strange...I thought road resurfacing should be a year-round affair, not only during elections. But never mind. Now I know that my state assemblyman is hard at work on his campaign trail.

Here's a closer peek at what these men are up to. Elections are good, aren't they? We get our roads resurfaced, we get our drains unclogged. What else can we get accomplished during this period?

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