Saturday, 15 March 2008

General Elections 2008 - Gentleman's riposte

Dr Koh is the perfect gentleman. You don't find many of them any more and much, much less in political circles. People respect him for a smooth transition of the Penang government. Now, even though he holds no public office and is a mere acting president for Gerakan, he still has the future of Penang very much on his mind. He has come out publicly with this statement:

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Jeffrey Chew said...

Much as I want to say - he is a gentleman, this very same person has forgotten about PGCC. So does that mean that Gerakan does not approve the project of PGCC in the first place? I say - go to hell ex CM. Your actions and deeds are all politically motivated. No wonder Batu Kawan voters saw a skunk miles away. Enjoy your retirement my dear Ex CM. Good riddance.