Wednesday, 12 March 2008

General Elections: Observations 4

Wow....I've just heard that Penang now has two deputy chief ministers. Not one, but two!

And they are PKR’s Penanti state assemblyman Muhammad Fairuz Khairuddin and DAP’s Perai representative Dr P Ramasamy. Fairuz will be DCM1 and the good professor DCM2. Lim Guan Eng said the reason the two were picked was to have a leadership representing all the communities in Penang.

Gee...very good intentions, if you were to ask me. But I wonder whether it is necessary in the first place? Or is it simply a prudent move to appease all the communities in the state? Ahh....I can't answer that because I'm not privy to their decision-making process.

But the way the top guns are being slotted into positions, I think I stand a chance to be picked as a DCM too. I'm very patient. Maybe, Deputy Chief Minister #8169 will be good enough for me. You, too, can be one but please stand in line behind me, okay?

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