Saturday, 15 March 2008

Malay wedding

My family had a most enjoyable time this afternoon at a Malay wedding. A taxi driver whom my wife knows had invited us to the wedding of his son in Machang Bubuk. Though about 90 percent of the guests were Malays from his kampung, there were still a few of us from the Chinese and Indian communities that visited him. Here are a few photographs:

This is the buffet line. Simple but the most important should be the good food. Well, I've got to give the cooks my two thumbs up. Scrumptiously nice.
What's this? A spade being used to scoop up the nasi minyak? The other pots were equally huge.
The secret that went into preparing the delicious achar. Two men mixing the ingredients with their bare hands. Lagi sedap, they told me. Yes, sedap, I had to agree.

A wedding function is a happy occasion, especially if you are kids.
That's me with the proud father of the groom. As you can see, there were gifts for us too!

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