Monday, 24 March 2008

Man Utd: Five points clear

A most wonderful moment this morning to look at the league standings. Five points clear at the top. Great feeling, isn't it?

The season is ending soon and with only seven games left for these teams, it's going to be EXCITING. Here are the remaining fixtures:
  • For Manchester United, their opponents will be Aston Villa (29 Mar), Middlesbrough 6 Apr), Arsenal (13 Apr), Blackburn (19 Apr), Chelsea (26 Apr), West Ham (3 May) and Wigan (11 May).
  • For Chelsea, they will be facing Middlesbrough (30 Mar), Manchester City (5 Apr), Wigan (14 Apr), Everton (19 Apr), Manchester United (26 Apr), Newcastle (3 May) and Bolton (11 May)
  • For Arsenal, their games will be against Bolton (29 Mar), Liverpool (5 Apr), Manchester United (13 Apr), Reading (19 Apr), Derby (28 Apr), Everton (3 May) and Sunderland (11 May)
  • For Liverpool....well, who cares?

Anyway, I want you to look at these two videos which feature Cristiano Ronaldo showing his incredible skill in an advertisement for Fuji Xerox. The first video is the ad itself:

It's so stupid that there are people - mindless people following the bullshit from animal rights activists - who are angry with this advertisement. As if the bull was hurt in this commercial. Truth is, it was all camera wizardry. Ronaldo was never in contact with the bull at any time, as this second "behind-the-scene" video shows how the ad was made:

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