Sunday, 16 March 2008

Meeting the manufacturers

From what I've learnt this far, the new Penang state government has wasted little time in meeting investors and the manufacturers in the state. As I had mentioned earlier, it will be important for the government to reassure the business community that there is a future for them in the state. It should be a continuous process of assuring and reassuring.

For example, just before the UMNO sore losers took to the streets around KOMTAR last Friday afternoon, Guan Eng had met with the Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers (Northern Branch) as well as many of their members. The auditorium at KOMTAR was packed as Guan Eng proceeded to address them.

Jeff Ooi, who stood on a DAP ticket and who is now the MP for Jelutong, was there as well to meet the manufacturers in the background. He will have to bear the brunt of the manufacturers' problems. I hear many of the manufacturers presented files and files of complaints to him. Sorting out all these issues will be an unenviable task for anybody!

Here's Guan Eng again. The FMMNB's chairman OK Lee is about to introduce him to one of the manufacturers. But I wish he'd not put his hands in his pocket. People in high positions should not be seen playing pocket billiards.

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Jeffrey Chew said...

That man is from PDC -he is the head of PDC