Saturday, 15 March 2008

Pulau Jerejak raped! Where are the environmentalists?

Someone in the civil service has some explaining to do! And it has better be good!

On Thursday (13 Mar 2008), I happened to capture this image of Pulau Jerejak from my vantage point at Hotel Equatorial. I couldn't believe my eyes to see the hilltop was being raped. What's happening? It was all greenery about three weeks ago when I last looked at the island. Today, the northern tip of the island is bare. Only brown earth where trees once grew.

Wanting to take a closer look at the destruction of vegetation, I drove out to the Queensbay Mall (it's directly opposite the island) and this second photo was taken on Friday afternoon. I'm dismayed by the wanton rape of Pulau Jerejak. Has it escaped the notice of the environmentalists in Penang? Hasn't anybody noticed? Doesn't anyone care? Where is the government department that has allowed this to happen? Who is responsible?

For you to deduce what has happened, I pulled out my old images from my camera and here are two more digitally blown up photos of Pulau Jerejak, taken from the direction of Hotel Equatorial. On 1 Feb 2008, lush vegetation still covered the hill top but by 29 Feb 2008, you can make out that the vegetation had already started to thin:

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