Friday, 21 November 2008

Tennis: will there be a second bite?

I saw an interesting news item in the newspapers yesterday. The organiser of the botched Kings Of Tennis event in Penang are now offering the state government another "opportunity" to see some former world tennis greats in action. A second bite at the cherry. But why the fixation with tennis?

“With the support of the Penang Govern­ment, I am endeavouring to ensure that a tennis event with world class players will still take place in Penang at the soonest possible time. Hopefully I will be able to salvage a position that will make Penang proud, especially after so much time and hard work had been spent,” Arianna Teoh said in a statement.

But do you think the Penang government will be interested? At best, I believe the reaction will be lukewarm. Already, we have Danny Law, who's the state exco caught up in the Tennis Big Bust say that he had already landed in the soup as a result of last week’s fiasco. Sounds like a "Thanks but no, thanks" sort of hint. Yes, indeed.......

Anyway, I'm amused. Hot soup, I think that's what Danny meant. But it's more than landing in the hot soup. At least, the temperature still isn't all that high. But when you are grilled, that's another different matter. Temperature's much higher. And that was exactly what happened in the Penang state assembly when opposition members took the heaven-sent opportunity to grill the state exco members. Ouch!

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