Monday, 8 December 2008

Penang food hunt 2008

Yesterday was another busy day for me. Late for the closing ceremony of the Penang Food Hunt 2008 because I over-slept. But it was a good night's sleep after being dead tired on Saturday. Most of the sponsors and partners were already there when I arrived and the closing was well on its way. Dominic was just starting out to explain the answers to the participants and everyone were having a good laugh over their silly inventiveness and imagination.

I was called to give away some of the prizes but unfortunately, my camera's settings were wrong and the photos ended up all blurry. No way that I could rescue any of them so I think there's no choice but just to include small thumbnail sizes of these photos here. Evidence of my own ineptitude.

But here is a photo of the sponsors and partners together with the winning team. I've no idea who they are or where they are from but it was remarkable that they solved all the Penang Food Hunt questions correctly! Some of the guys in the photo: Calvin (Shell), Timothy (Penang Heritage Trust). Clarence (New World Park), Toong (Digi), Jeffrey (SACM - you go figure!), my old friend and chief organiser Siang Jin (Rasarasa/Food Sense) and Freddie (theSun).

Yes, it was a fun occasion even though I didn't take part, and I even met more old friends from among the competitors too, among them being Goh Teck Koon (he came all the way from KL), Stephen Chin, Liong Chian Min and Philip Yeoh.


BlogCe5nT said...

Hi, Quah,

I am one of the team members on the podium in your picture. Goh Teck Kun is one of our personal friends too. He has been hunting with us (as a competitor!) for many, many years!

What a conincidence! I will let him know of your blog.

Do visit ours too, to find out what else happened at the Penang food Hunt!

Thanks for giving away the prizes and being part of the sponsorship!
We are very grateful to people and companies like you!


Anonymous said...

Tsk tsk left alot of readers wondering what SACM is all about.. well it stands for Special Assistant to the Chief Minister. He has helped alot of people in the industry.