Sunday, 7 December 2008

Penang Food Hunt weekend

Boy, was I bushed yesterday. Woke up early to go to the island where I had a breakfast appointment with my cousins from Johor Bahru. They had arrived the day before to deposit their dad's ashes at the Batu Gantung columbarium and they were wondering where to place his memorial tablet next. So had a discussion with them here. Anyway, hadn't seen them for a very long time, so it was good to catch up with them although not under happy circumstances.

Next...a trip to the Paradise Sandy Beach Hotel in Tanjung Bungah where I helped to flag off some cars in the Penang Food Hunt 2008. Would have participated in it but this would be a very crammed weekend. Originally, only my brother-in-law from Singapore was supposed to be back visiting the folks in Penang - that would already have taken up my time - but with my JB cousins making an unscheduled trip here too, it was well nigh impossible to take part in the treasure hunt. Even my colleagues in the office failed to form a team in my absence (why was nobody interested except for one?) so we pulled out at the last minute. Sad.

But I felt that I had to be there at the start of the event. Wouldn't have been right to be absent when the company is one of the web partners. Almost a hundred teams again and with a sea of red filling the hotel's ballroom, the whole place was brimming with Chi energy. I sat through about half an hour of the explanations before it was time for us to flag off the Hunt. Anyway, met a few friends and made a new one here!

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