Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Pulling cables

My friend Eric is obsessed with his audio-visual hifi system just as I am obsessed with my vinyl records. For weeks now, he has been bugging me to tell him what I'm using as my inter-connect cables (between my CD player and my integrated amplifier) and my speaker cables. For weeks now, I've been delaying telling him because (1) I've forgotten what I have and (2) I was too lazy to move my equipment around just to find out.

But finally, I did it to satisfy my own curiosity - hey, I don't usually bother myself with such trivial matters, okay? (I know he'll cringe in mock horror that I've labelled cables as "trivial") - and to get my friend off my back (just joking....)

And what did I rediscover? My speaker cables are the van den Hul CS-122 hybrid (halogen-free) (mine's the green version, not the cream-coloured ones) while my inter-connect cables are the WBT 2016 with accompanying WBT 0144 RCA plugs. So there you have it, Eric, these are what I own.

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