Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Ayer Itam Dam

Last Saturday, my family wanted to go up to Tiger Hill again but there would be no hike. The persistent rain on Saturday morning frustrated all our plans. We were forced to turn back even before we reached the Ayer Itam Dam. As an alternative, since we were already so near, we decided to drive up to the dam and go for a walk around it. At least, this was something that I had not done before although it was really no big deal.

The first photo was snapped during our first hike to Tiger Hill in March last year. The sign, though vandalised, gave a clear indication of the direction to Tiger Hill. I known that the sign was still there last July but last weekend as we passed by the same spot, it was gone. As you can see, my wife and son were looking bemused at the empty pole.

Nevertheless, it was a cool, refreshing walk along the wooded road with mist blowing into our faces. So close to nature and yet not too far from civilisation. Here are some photos:

Oh yes, and I came across this centipede, easily seven or eight inches long. Just managed to snap it before it scuttled into the hole.

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