Tuesday, 27 January 2009

A Brandenburg morning

Ahh...what bliss to wake up on a Chinese New Year morning with the sound of the Brandenburg Concertos coming alive from the speakers. Yes, Johann Sebastian Bach certainly knew a thing or two about music. He rocked big time during the Age of Baroque and he continues to rock in this modern age.


Jeffrey Chew said...

Wah...so lovely way to start a nice morning.

jazzy939 said...

I see that you're using the Rega.
What does the rest of your system consists of?

Quah, Seng-Sun said...

jazzy939: A very modest Arcam Alpha One compact disc player and an AIWA AD-WX333 tape deck pushed by a Technics SU-A900 integrated amplifier to the Bose AM5 acousti-mass passive speakers

jazzy939 said...

pretty good hardwares there. btw, I also own an SU-A900 Mk2 ;)Love it. Although now I am listening most of the times using my DIY amp :P