Sunday, 18 January 2009

Little wee-wee

This is too good a picture to ignore. It's not mine; it belongs to TZ, a fellow blogger who is deep into photography, health and exercising, food and certain kinds of music (e.g. the type played by the Duke choir). I'm sure he won't mind me borrowing the photograph as long as the whole world knows that it came from his blog, 5 Elements Of My Life. Hey, there are other fabulous animal photos in his blog too but unfortunately, none as provoking as this!

One of our politicians deep in thought at par-wee-ment house

As usual, when I have monkeys portrayed on my blog, I'd like to dedicate such photos to the monkeys and sexist clowns that continue to make Parliament such an exasperating piece of nonsense.

1 comment:

TZ said...

haha... dude, you made this picture so humorous... I just too busy and tight up with lots of activities that happened last weekend ...

I don't mind and i just have a huge laugh on your entry... hehehe :p