Friday, 16 January 2009

The money's in the bag!

Can money buy happiness and success? The Arabs seem to think so. The Sun newspaper in the United Kingdom has revealed the extent of money that Manchester City are willing to dish out for a player like Kaka, without knowing yet where to place him in the team.

So much money to spend on a single player during this troubled times, that it's practically insane and obscene! extravagant Arab billionaire throwing this amount of money away:
  • £108 million for AC Milan.
  • £108million for Kaka's wages, including taxes. How does a £255,000-a-week take-home pay sound like?
  • £27m in commission to brokers, middle-men and signing-on fees.
The deal's almost done, according to The Sun. Hah! I sure hope this doesn't turn out to be a foolhardy exercise in corporate or football flops - certainly not for Kaka or AC Milan who must be laughing their ways to the bank - but for Manchester City and their Arabian owner. Credit crunch? Perish the thought.

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