Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Solar eclipse over Indonesia

At about 5pm yesterday, the skies around Bukit Mertajam went dim. Not as dim as total darkness, but dim enough to pass off as a normal 7pm dusk. Reason was, there was a partial solar eclipse. Unfortunately, the eclipse was not noticed from my home because of the cloud cover. So we missed watching the eclipse on the first day of Chinese New Year. Does it mean that we have missed out on ill-luck for the rest of the year? Superstitous people would tell you to remain indoors during eclipses because eclipses foretell danger (and if you let the sky fall on your head, you will have years of bad luck) but I tell you, it's only a natural phenomenon. Nothing more than that. Anyway, I found some interesting photos on yesterday's eclipse:

Partial solar eclipse as seen from Manila

People in certain parts of Indonesia could enjoy the full annular solar eclipse.

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