Sunday, 1 February 2009

Tourism Penang doing an awfully "good" job

I wanted to know more about the open houses around George Town this Chinese New Year and thought that Tourism Penang would be the proper place to find the information. After all, it's using a "dot gov dot my" domain name, so it must be one of the Penang government websites. Moreover, it's touted as the Official Tourism Website for Penang.

However, the website is a BIG JOKE. It's stuck in a time warp of its own creation. I couldn't believe my eyes when I landed on the main page. The Visit Malaysia 2007 logo was still displayed.

Totally incompetent if they had not bothered to update even their main page. It's not a good face they are giving Penang. If they cannot even update this landing page, they have no right to maintain this website or be its administrator!

But wait, there's more. When I went deeper into the website, I found only generalised information or out-of-date information. List of festivals? A visitor to the website wouldn't be able to find out the date of any festival. Calendar of events? Nothing listed whatsoever. Penang's heritage? Where on earth is the publicity about George Town being a UNESCO World Heritage Site? I'm actually wondering whether Tourism Penang is proud or ashamed about the status.

I wonder how many more countless people have searched for this website and visited it? I wonder how many people have been deceived by it? If this is the attitude of the people running Tourism Penang and the Tourism Penang website, they must either pull up their socks or pull down the website. Don't end up being a laughing stock. But more importantly, don't sabotage Penang with your incompetency or apathy.

Oh, by the way, here are the persons in charge of the Editorial Team, so if you have bouquets or brickbats for the Tourism Penang editorial team or website, you know who to contact:


Snapshots said...


not so sure which is the official site for penang tourism, there is this site seem to be newly set up by the Tourism Exco Mr Danny Law of DAP

which is different from the one you mention for Tourism Penang thought you might like to know

Snapshots said...

may be the owners, operators, administrator of the Tourism Penang Web Site you mention is not in communication,

Jeffrey Chew said...

bottom line check out this page

better deal.

The Malaysian Explorer said...

Not only Tourism Penang, but also Tourism Malaysia are run by BN. I've learned not to expect much. The other web site run by DAP is a different story. Hopefully they continue their good run...

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