Tuesday, 30 June 2009


What on earth is he saying? On one hand he removes the 30% institutional bumiputra equity requirement for Malaysian companies seeking public listing but on the other hand he imposes a 50% requirement of public shareholding spread to bumiputra investors. Which is better? Which is worse? What's the implication? Can somebody analyse and tell me please??


famil said...

I was confused myself when listening to the Buletin Utama.

To make things worse, the newcasters said a totally different thing from the speeched showed.

stephen said...

Its all done with smoke and mirrors.Although,I feel the PM is taking a positive step in the right direction as this requirement in some way makes sure that the wealth is spread equitably to the rakyat.
I think the government has moved ahead while the opposition have taken a step back from what I have read.