Monday, 13 July 2009

When BAD means Excellent

It's very seldom that I happen to come across a jumble sale but I passed by one just the other day. Curiosity got the better of me so I stopped to wander around. Sorry, no photos as I had left my camera at home. So I'll have to be contented with showing this picture that I took at home later. After a good clean, I gave the LP record a spin. Although there were scratches on the surface, the record was still playable.

I'm enjoying it now although I still don't understand all the fuss about the singer. So what if Michael Jackson is dead and gone? Like all celebrities, he led a celebrity life and he paid the price with a celebrity death....full of excesses and loss of privacy. But that's showbiz anonymity. Anyway, I paid only RM20 to rescue this album and it's really still good value despite the surface condition. However, what I was most impressed with was the sharpness of the cover photograph. It really stood out and was impactful.

It is really true that nothing beats the record cover as a quality art form. For compact discs, artwork becomes a secondary matter because it claims only a small 5x5 area whereas, album covers measure 12x12. There's lots more space for artistic creativity.

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