Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Devious and dubious

Now I know that the main job of politician-lawyers or lawyer-politicians is to make other people look stupid, simple or incompetent. Just follow the exchanges between Jagdeep Singh and RTM cameraman Adial Singh at the sedition trial of Karpal Singh on Tuesday, as reported by The Malaysian Insider:
During cross-examination, Jagdeep asked if the cameraman had any academic qualification.
Adial: SPM
Jagdeep: When was your camera, Panasonic 102B, bought?
Adial: Two years ago

The defence began grilling the cameraman and suggested that he did not have the professional qualification to certify whether the camera was functioning.
Adial: The camera is in good condition because there was no problem when I used it before and after the press conference.
Jagdeep: You agreed that you don’t have the professional qualification. You cannot say that the device is not working 100 per cent. Don’t you agree that you are not competent?
Adial: I can say yes because the camera has not given me problems until today.

The defence counsel asked the cameraman if he is able to repair the camera.
Adial: If there is a problem, the camera will give me a signal at the view finder.
But you do not have the professional qualification to ascertain whether or not the camera is in a proper working condition. Do you agree?
Adial: Yes
Jagdeep: So I suggest that you cannot be sure if the camera is in a proper functional state?
Adial: No, I don’t agree. I can say that my camera is in good condition.
I think it is all so absurd. It doesn't take a degree holder to handle a camera or know when it malfunctions. My wife can handle my camera and she's already happy enough if the picture turns out okay. I tell her to tweedle the buttons and she tweedles the buttons until the image on the small screen turns out right for her. It's not rocket science. Do you need to be a mechanic to be able to drive a car? Do you need to be a computer repairman to be able to use a laptop? In my opinion, it's all a rather devious line of questioning.

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stephen said...

OMG. How dumb can you get.This is plumbing the depths of stupidity in the line of questioning.Does that mean that we don't know if something works unless we are qualified repairmen? Too much wayang too little substance.