Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Dimage Z5 extension lenses

My lens accessory kit arrived earlier this week. It's meant for my old Konica Minolta Dimage Z5 camera which, unfortunately, is already an extinct toy. Konica Minolta has closed shop and although Sony is supposed to be providing support, I doubt that I'll ever see any reasonable support here in Malaysia. Still, without going back to my SLR (or now, DSLR) experience, I'll have to continue using this camera until it breaks down and I cannot use it further. Using it means that I was looking for some accessories that would add some muscle to the existing features. So I went to ebay and plonked some money down for this kit:

I've attached a friend's wide angle extension lens to my camera before, so I knew what to expect. Here's a shot from my house at the camera's widest angle, WITHOUT the extension lens.

And here is the shot from my house WITH the 0.45x extension lens, also with the camera set to its widest angle. I don't mind the barrel effect because it gives some character to the picture. Even my camera without the extension lens still exhibits a slight barrelling at its widest, so it is nothing unusual for me.

But not so the telephoto extension lens. First, this is taken with my camera at its longest zoom range WITHOUT the extension lens.

Now, this is taken WITH the 2.0x extension lens at the camera's longest range. My first impressio was, oh my god! Awful. There wa so much loss of definition. Depth of field problem? Lens combination problem? I don't know but I'm sure it's not the fault of the make of my camera. Got to lodge a complaint with the seller but I doubt anything will arise from it.

My one consolation is that I did not have to pay for the lens kit myself. It came from funds earned from my other blog.


stephen said...

looks like a nice neighbourhood you live in.Pity the lens, lose some win some i suppose.its amazing the amount of stuff one accumulates in a lifetime.

AcousticMoods said...

hi, i have a Dimage Z5 also and am looking for a faster lens (i think? new to this!) for taking low-light gig photos...If you don't mind i have a quick question - how do I know which lens' will be compatible with the camera?

would really appreciate any advice you have.