Monday, 17 August 2009

Let's just take five today

My friend Eric was suggesting that perhaps I should order this item from 50th anniversary edition of the Dave Brubeck Quartet's landmark Time Out album on compact disc. This edition on two CDs and a DVD offers an unprecedented presentation of music, images, insight and history, including the chance to hear them in top form live at Newport, plus a companion DVD offering a fresh take on the making of this pioneering recording. Should I get it? It's only USD14.99, excluding shipping. Still in two minds.

Yesterday, I decided to dig out these two records from the cupboard to give them a spin.

By right, this should be called Dave Brubeck Quartet's Greatest Hits to give full recognition to the four legendary members of the group. Instead, the names of Paul Desmond, Eugene Wright and Joe Morello are only mentioned on the back cover. Mmm.... Anyway, it contained possibly the Quartet's most famous number, Take Five, which was what I wanted to hear in the first place.

Side 1: Take Five, I'm In A Dancing Mood, In Your Own Sweet Way, Camptown Races, The Duke
Side 2: It's A Raggy Waltz, Bossa Nova USA, Trolley Song, Unsquare Dance, Blue Rondo A La Turk, Theme From Mr Broadway

This was the second album I was listening to. Incidentally, this was to be the Dave Brubeck Quartet's farewell tour and it took them all over Europe including Paris where this album was recorded for posterity.

Side 1: Swanee River, These Foolish Things, Forty Days
Side 2: One Moment Worth Years, La Paloma Azul, Three To Get Ready

Of course, I've got other Dave Brubeck stuff in the house but they are all on compact discs, like these four CDs which came from the boxed set, Time Signatures: A Career Retrospective.

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