Thursday, 6 August 2009

Mason William's Classical Gas

The weekend's upon us again and it's the best time to enjoy the music of Mason Williams. In 1968, Williams scored a phenomenal hit with the instrumental Classical Gas, winning a Grammy in the process. Twenth years later, he teamed up with the Mannheim Streamroller to record the above album. In the process, Classical Gas was rerecorded. Who is this Mannheim Streamroller? All I can say is that the name of Chip Davies crops up often as the leader of this group of professional musicians.

Side 1: Classical Gas, Sunflower, Samba Beach, Country Idyll, Saturday Night At The World, Shady Dell
Side 2: Katydid's Ditty, Greensleeves, Doot-Doot, La Chanson De Claudine, McCall, Vancouver Island, Baroque-A-Nova

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