Monday, 10 August 2009

Of prostitutes, single mothers and spinsters

This is so hilarious but I don't know whether to laugh or to cry. There's actually a group of people practising polygamy that has invited prostitutes to join their association, claiming that they will have a blessed and blissful life if they are part of such a relationship.

According to the advisor to the Ikhwan Polygamy Club who incidentally is a female, single mothers and spinsters were welcome to join. To date, the group has 646 members – 222 husbands and 524 wives. Should you laugh or should you cry?


stephen said...

If you bend the words far enough, it becomes twisted in your favour.Wonders never cease as to the perniciousness of the human mind.
That said,I'm all for debauchery if its for a good cause.Sign me up!!

Ana said...

I don't know why it should be a matter of laughing or crying. What's so funny or sad about taking prostitutes off the street or where ever they may be, and bringing them into a polygamous enviornment? At least in a polygamous marriage the former prostitutes would have husbands and would be taken care of financially so they no longer have to sell themselves, their bodies. They'll have honor and respect as a wife. What's your remedy for the problem? Just leave them out there? What...are they doomed to be prostitutes forever?