Thursday, 13 August 2009

Penang Bridge expansion almost done!

[UPDATED VERSION] I was almost over the mid-span of the Penang Bridge this morning when i suddenly realised that there was no queue at the usual bottleneck. Strange, I thought to myself. Then, after taking a second look through the rear view mirror, it struck me that all three lanes at the mid-span, on both sides of the bridge, were now open to traffic! The flow was so smooth that I hadn't realised it. My drive across the Penang Bridge was so automatic this morning that I didn't realise that finally, the Penang Bridge expansion project has been completed. Well, at least, 99.9 percent of it.

While crossing the Penang Bridge late yesterday afternoon - and that was only about 14 hours earlier - I still noticed that the vertical railings beside the four towers at the mid-span were slowly being dismantled. Good, I had thought then, it will only be a matter of time before all six lanes on the bridge are opened to traffic. "I'll be looking forward to the day when there is no longer a bottleneck on the bridge at the mid-span and traffic can flow smoothly from one end to the other." I had muttered to myself. Well, the day is HERE, finally!

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