Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Typically Penang

It rained at dawn in Penang yesterday morning and it had stopped by the time I left the house to go to work. Nevertheless, the roads were wet and the proverbial queue at the Penang Bridge, right after the toll stations, were already building up. Oh well....

What I couldn't stand are sights like this: someone smoking in his car and then sticking his hand outside the window to flick away the ashes. True to form, the cigarette butt also went the way of the ashes...through the window.

On my way back yesterday, I saw that workers were still trying to dismantle the vertical beams from the mid-span towers of the Penang Bridge. They are certainly taking their own sweet time, either because they are trying to prolong their stay on the bridge or they take pleasure from causing pain to the bridge commuters.

And finally, my traffic woes did not stop when I reached Bayan Baru through the bumpy, haphazardly, patched up coastal road (I still wouldn't call it a "highway"). Just because of the spot of rain in the early morning, there were traffic jams all way. This, by the way, led to the roundabout.

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