Saturday, 1 August 2009

Who the hell does he think he is??

I get outraged when I read about arrogance in our politicians who are in power. They think they are hell of important because they can hide behind the skirts of the police. They still don't see that they are put there by the people.

Today, I am appalled by this most brazen outburst of sheer arrogance from this blardy fool of a minister who dared proclaim that “as long as Barisan Nasional is leading the government, the ISA will not be abolished.”

This was supposed to be a peaceful demonstration in Kuala Lumpur today by thousands of people who were opposing the continuing use of the Internal Security Act in Malaysia.

Yet, the Police turned out in full force and used their might against their fellow citizens. Photos are from The Malaysian Insider.


TZ said...

So as a voter ... we know what we should do ... blek!

Jeffrey Chew said...

Sorry but I have said this time and time again - arrogance will get 1Malaysia anywhere. It only destroys the fabric of goodwill and trust. We shall march on to 2012.