Saturday, 15 August 2009

Who's Karpal?

Another instance of letting kids run loose on the streets. She's a reporter and yet she doesn't know what's happening around her. Okay, granted that she was only in the job for two months but...the onus was on her to understand the big issues of the day if she wanted to be a news reporter, and nothing was bigger than the Perak constitutional crisis at the beginning of the year.

But I also really don't understand how lawyers - especially politician lawyers and the worst being wise-ass lawyers - behave in court or out of court. I know they only want to win cases at any cost but does it include having to intimidate and make other people feel small in the process? Humiliate them in the process? I think it is very much uncalled for but then, it's their nature.

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stephen said...

Old school litigation lawyers had to pander to the sometimes gullible jury, sooo.. showmanship counts.I suppose some of them will try to hoodwink the general public as they know that most don't know their rights or law for that matter ,much so if they throw in a latin word or two for good measure.
I figure too that the police most probably don't have enough time for crooks as the deluge of police reports I read in the news everyday by every ahmad,ahbeng and samy would keep them occupied for quite a spell.Its in danger of becoming a police reporting society.
As for the gen Y journalist,i rest my case. nothing beats experience and enthusiasm for the job. Give me a person with zest and street smarts rather than a wet behind the ears pen pushing cycloped graduate who doesn't know s**t beyond the textbook.