Saturday, 26 September 2009

Going country with Doye O'Dell

This is one of the very few 10-inch record in my collection and it turns out to be quite a gem: possibly Doye O'Dell's very first album. When I was listening to his music as a kid, I used to imagine myself being one of the cowboys sitting around the crackling fire at night and listening to cowboy songs. Well, listening to this album today left me with exactly that same imagination and warm feeling inside.

Allen Doye O'Dell (22 Nov 1912 - 2001) was an American singer and songwriter of cowboy songs, and also an actor. He grew up on a Texas cotton spread and went on to raise his own crop of country hits.

Side 1: It Makes No Difference Now, According To The Evidence, San Antonio Rose, You're The Only Star In My Blue Heaven, Pretty Woman For The Boss
Side 2: Bow Your Head And Pray, Oklahoma Hills, Old Shep, It Won't Be Texas To You, Red River Valley


stephen said...

You do have a sizeable record collection!!

stephen said...

Oklahoma hills- way back yonder in the indian nation, rode my pony in the reservation and the oklahoma hills where i was born- i think thats how one of the lines goes-used to sing it a lot but i thought for a long time indian nation sounded like indonesia so I sang it that way and wondering why the heck they have cowboys there! silly me.
I remember the 10inch records by London, we had 2.Have a great weekend