Monday, 14 September 2009

Rediscovering BM Hill

My wife and I took the second alternative route up the Bukit Mertajam Hill at Ceruk To'kun during the weekend. It was unintentional. We were about to park the car when she asked why there were some vehicles emerging from a side road leading to the carpark.

That's the road to the BM Hill dam, I told her. She wanted to visit this dam so I brought her along this dirt track that skirted the right perimeter of the dam. Why not we try going up this way, I suggested to her. The track should lead us to the tarred road halfway between the Wawasan 2020 rest area and the tea house two-thirds up the hill. She was game.

The problem, however, was that this trail was entirely new to us. I had meant to climb it previously but never really gave it much of a thought. We found the path pretty deserted although along the way we did meet with a few other people. But there was nothing that could cause us to stray away. The path was well-trodden, full of indications that it had its fair share of use, and ... of course, littered with empty water bottles at intersections and vague areas that people had (helpfully) left behind to point the way to users.

Now, this is a sure sign that we were on the right track: a broken construction helmet with a welcome greeting to all weary users of the trail.

And sure, soon enough, we reached the end of the trail as it emerged onto the tarred road that leads to the top of the hill.

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