Friday, 18 September 2009 if rehabilitation is possible

So Noordin Md Top is dead in Indonesia. Killed after years of being hunted. And here in Malaysia, we have this bright spark of a Home Minister who is "sad that he's dead" and who says that the fugitive terrorist could have been rehabilitated. "I am sad that we did not get to rehabilitate him."

What the Absolute Fuck (excuse me!) .... as if it is possible to rehabilitate someone that has killed, maimed or injured thousands of people through mindless terrorist attacks on the innocents. Since you missed this chance, please go now and try to find Osama and then rehabilitate him.

Rehabilitate Noordin Top? How? Give him plastic surgery? Give him a new identity? Give him a new life? You think it's possible? You think nobody is going to go after him? Hishammuddin, you are an ASS. Don't make me laugh with your senseless drivel. Rehabilitation, indeed!


longkin said...

Yes, HisMoodin is an ASS more accurate an asshole. He said sorry most probably because Nordin was of the same race and religion as he is. What an asshole!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Take it easy, friend! Just like what Dr. M has said earlier, all the professionals have left the country and left those brainless to become the ministers in Malaysia. Malaysia Boleh!