Sunday, 18 October 2009

Anti-"Anti-ISA" cowards strike at night

Now you see it, now you don't. Last Sunday, the Penang government unveiled an Anti-ISA billboard at the carpark opposite the Penang State Assembly building. By Thursday, some nameless, shitless cowards - but I can jolly well guess with a 99 percent certainty who they are - hiding behind the cloak of darkness had removed the billboard, leaving behind only the metal frame. They didn't dare to do it openly during broad daylight, so they struck during night time.

However, don't feel too outraged over the whole matter. Already, the Penang government had pledged to put back what had been removed. I suspect that it'll be a game to see who has the last say. Or who has the patience to play out this cat-and-mouse game.

But why? Why make the billboard so modestly small that the Penang government allows crooks to either deface or steal it? Why put up such a filmsy structure in the first place if the end result can be so easily anticipated? The billboard may cost only RM2,000 to put up but it's still tax-payer's money. Every time someone spends RM2,000 to replace the damage, that's tax-payer's money. And it'll not be amusing in the long run if the desired result was just to score a one-upmanship.

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