Monday, 5 October 2009

Dim sum must be good business

I was astounded to read this piece of news in yesterday's newspapers. Despite all the claims and statistics we hear from the Police, everyone knows that crime on the streets continue to spiral upwards. If it's not about people being found dead under mysterious circumstances, then it's about people being waylaid in armed robberies.

But this story raised my eye brows for a completely different reason. I didn't know that the dim sum business is really so lucrative. I couldn't imagine that this dim sum fella could rake in RM42,000 in a single day just by selling those delectable little morsels that titillate our hearts. Yes indeed, a day's taking for him was worth that much. Just think how much he collects in a month. Or imagine the number of plates he sells in a day. Wow!


Jeffrey Chew said...

so, are you planning to do a dim sum joint soon?

Anonymous said...

Is it possible for a small-time dim sum seller on a motorbike to make RM42,000 by selling 10,000+ plates of dim sum per day, assuming that each plate costs RM4?

stephen said...

really doubt you can sell that much in a day unless you are a timsum manufacturer and sell to shops around Penang.That said,the takings too would be irregular.
But a single outlet i.e restaurant selling just timsum , it would be a feat to rake in that much in a single day.