Sunday, 18 October 2009

Kathina at Lunas 2009

Some images from the Kathina ceremony at the Buddhist Hermitage in Lunas on Saturday, 17 Oct 2009. Based on the packages of food that had been prepared for the devotees, I would estimate that there were easily close to 800 people, People had come from both far and near just for Kathina. Bumped into an old chess friend who lives in the Hong Seng Estate, off Mount Erskine on the island. What time did you leave the house, I asked. Seven o'clock in the morning, he replied. He turned up at Lunas soon after my family had arrived at 7.45am.

The Kathina procession round the Hermitage's vast premises, led by an image of the Buddha.

Procession follows with the devotees in tow.

And this is the offering of robes to the monks

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