Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Moon cake festival fun at BM Hill

It's been a long while since I chose to use the old hill track beside the stream to climb the Bukit Mertajam hill in Ceruk Tokun. Lately, it had either been on the tar road with my wife or going it alone up the other hill track beside the dam. Last Friday, I decided to use the first alternative again. After about a 50-minute of huffing and puffing, I emerged from the undergrowth to see several tables and stools neatly arranged at the tea house. People were busily unloading foodstuff and utensils from a lorry that had lumbered its way up the tar road.

The lorry had parked on the grass verge and I saw the driver trying to reverse the vehicle with no obvious success. You know how it's like: the wheel turned but the lorry won't move. Instead, the wheel just dug deeper into the mud made soggier and stickier from the rain of the past few days. The lorry's stuck and I don't know how they were going to release it later. Good luck to the driver and the others up the hill.

I had almost forgotten that Saturday was to be the 15th day of the eighth lunar month in the Chinese calendar. What else but the moon cake festival. Friday was, of course, the eve of the festival and the BM Tokun Hill Recreation Hill Hikers Club was having a function from 7pm onwards. Food, drinks, karaoke, merriment and the obvious howling at the full moon. Well, I would have loved to join in the fun but I didn't know anybody at the club. It would have been a good opportunity for me to know them but even 7pm would be too late for me to remain up the hill anyway. Well, maybe next year....

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