Tuesday, 6 October 2009

More than two hours on the Penang Bridge

Will there be no let up in the weather? Ever since I saw the weather forecast on Penang two days ago, it has been gloom and rain. On the right is the weather prognostication from Weather City. Yes, more rain expected the whole of this week. Never seen so many rain icons for a localised region before...

Yesterday's rain came in the afternoon and it has been wet all the way throughout the night and this morning. Traffic out of Bukit Mertajam was actually quite smooth and i felt rather breezy but the moment I hit the major intersection at the Pacific MegaMall, it was a traffic snarl all the way until the mid-span of the bridge.

So say what you want about the third lane on the Penang Bridge. You may expand the bridge all you like but there is no denying that the heavens have the ultimate say. Will try to post some pictures on the traffic jam tonight but in the meantime, enjoy the next few days of rain, rain and more rain. If not for the traffic, I really do enjoy the nice, cold, wet weather!

An update: my friend Eric just texted me from Kuala Lumpur to say that the weather there is bright and sunny. Feeling rather intrigued, I viewed the weather satellite picture of the peninsula. It's interesting that there is a patch of cloudless sky over the Klang Valley whereas Penang is drenched wet! Pardon my inverse metaphors but that patch of green is like an oasis in a desert. A dry oasis in a wet desert.

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Ching said...

The radio says there was a car caught fire at the bridge mid-span this morning which causes the jam.