Friday, 9 October 2009

Warning: Yahoo phishing scam

I've just received an email that's purportedly from Yahoo telling me that my email account with them would be closed officially from 12 Oct 2009 "due to congestion in the Yahoo system database and also termination of all unused Yahoo Account, both Premium and Free account service."

The email then went on to say that they were offering me "the opportunity to update your account information. You will need to take action before we close, after which any account both Premium and Free account remaining on Yahoo Database will be permanently deleted and no longer accessible."

And the action this email wanted was for me to provide them with information including my name, Yahoo ID, email address and password. Like bloody hell I will. Don't fall for this phishing scam to hijack your email account. If you are gullible enough to reply to this scam, you'll be sending your personal information to this mailbox: verifym.mail @

Now, just ask yourself why a big organisation like Yahoo with a market capitalisation worth USD24.67 billion would want to use a competitor's email services if this message was really true. Or go ask peelee567 @, the perpetrator of this pathetic scam. So be warned, don't be stupid!

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